Bmw no heat passenger side

No heat on passenger side. Extremely cold in the winter time. Takes at least 5 minutes for gauge hand to move upward at all times.

A recall should most definitely be in place. Very expensive to be fixed. Lists of diagnostics and no one has really pin pointed the real issue. Some people are not as wealthy as others to have this ridiculous unknown issue fixed. Chrysler please recall this issue ASAP!!!! The heat on the passenger side of my stopped working this winter. It's a real pain in the ass because I have 2 children under 3 and my car doesn't really get warm on the inside now. I've been reading a lot of complaints about how this is happening with a lot of the same car as mine.

There should be a recall!! The heater core was plugged, [I live in Minnesota where it can be 0 deg. Replaced thermostat. Did not fix. Appears to be common problem from what I am learning. Love the car, but when weather is cold has become a major issue.

Went to Chrysler dealer and they said have not had issues but may require dash to be removed. Will not go back to dealer. Any suggestions?

bmw no heat passenger side

Hot air not coming out on passenger side. Driver side heat works. Sounds like the sludge in the coolant problem blocking heater core. I have 2 Chrysler 's at Sedanand a hardtop convertible. The convert has the no heat on the passenger side. All the comments say some BS about oil and heater cores.

I understand automotive HVAC. I have extremely hot heat coming from the driver side vents. The heater core has one inlet and one outlet. If it were clogged by anything there would be no heat or low heat. These cars have an air distribution housing with 4 different blades which direct heat. There are actuators, and levers that move the blades to change the heat, The issue is with either the blades being broken or stuck, the levers, or actuators that move the blades.

I have not had time to take it all apart but will try to upload pictures from my alldatadiy online repair manual subscription for my S. To get heat on the passenger side I press the re circulation button, and close the driver side vents. Then set the heat to full, and to blow out of the upper not defroster vents.

It takes a little while, and the engine temp must be a normally operating temp but it works. Chrysler should recall this and fix it! Chryslerno heat on passenger side!Like many others here, I've had no heat on the passenger side.

At 55, miles. Are you kidding me? Clearly, Dodge knows that this is an issue given the number of identical complaints yet, when I called them as suggested in another post hereI was informed in no uncertain terms that there was "nothing we can do. This was my first Dodge and will definitely be my last. I bought my Avenger exactly 4 years ago, and since I pulled it off the lot my heat on the passenger side hasn't worked.

I haven't had it looked at before because I usually drive by myself so it really didn't bother me. But now the driver side heat is starting to lose heat. I have had contact with Dodge but they told me that it is only under warranty the first 3 months or first 32, miles.

So that option was out. I drive 45 minutes to work and this morning I pretty much froze all the way to work. I am going to have to break down and get it checked out to see exactly what the problem is, I am just afraid it is going to cost a small fortune. Replaced the blend door actuator behind the glove box. That only fixed the clicking noise. Problem still exists.

Apparently Dodge doesn't stand behind their products. Will never own another one. Began in November; blowing cold air on the right side and luke warm air on the left side. Tested thermostat which was OK but decided to replace it anyway. No go. No leaks. Fluids full. We were stumped so I took it to the Dealer.

They replaced the thermostat again, replaced a lower hose and finally replaced the heater core. Heat was back. This is ridiculous with 62k miles. Back to the dealer it goes again I noticed that the passenger side heat does not work and it actually is blowing cold air. Warming up and defrosting the car takes a little longer than usual, which is frustrating since I live in Erie and the whole nation knows what our current winter is like.

The temperature outdoors is 5 degrees Has anyone else had this issue fixed? I plan to call my dealership and inquire if it will be covered under warranty, but who the hell knows. Probably not based on what I have been reading about Dodge not stepping up No heat on passenger side: Started searching this issue and found many other issues the same to mine. We are in the process to find out the problem. Not happy that dodge isn't fixing or putting a recall out.Heat Only on Driver Side - clogged heater core.

I was wondering if anybody could help. First the clutch clicked. They changed the whole thing, still clicks. Third after replacing the turbo I noticed that the brake, when I went to get into the care in the AM after it sat overnight, no longer had ANY vacuum left and the car would just roll down a slight incline after popping the clutch. I brought it to the dealer, they said that was normal, when I persisted that it had changed they replaced all the vacuum lines and the check valve.

No improvement. They then replaced the whole booster. They then said it was normal and they didn't need to do anything else. Now that car has 37K miles on it an it's cold. I've noticed for awhile now that the heat hasn't been as good as I remembered.

We had a cold day down to 5 deg and I noticed it was not even close to as warm as it used to be the prior winter. What is happening is heat is coming out of the drivers side but cold air is blowing out of the passengers.

bmw no heat passenger side

This is the same if it's on floor, dash vent or defrost. I called the dealer and they basically said since the car was over the 36K miles I would need to pay them to take a look at it, diagnose it and fix it. I wonder if with all the stuff they have done to it they screwed something up under the dash when the replaced to brake booster.

This is the first new car I have ever bought and frankly I'm done with it. It's been in the shop more times then a Saturn I had which I bought used at 80K miles and then drove to K miles.

It was more reliable then this.

bmw no heat passenger side

Does anybody have any thoughts on what could be going on with the heat or any way to get VW to help me out. Seems reasonable to expect heat to work for more then 2 years. Argue with the dealer and go to VWoA that you couldn't have noticed the issue before 37L because it only happens in the cold. All you can do is plead your case up the chain with your servicing dealership. Let the manager know about your displeasure and how it's reasonable that your heat issue is related to all of the other work that has occurred.

If that fails, move up the chain with a call to VWoA. Detail all of your problems and see what they say. Don't stop with the first person you talk to if you don't get the answer you want. Keep moving up the chain. Be patient, be firm and polite and be determined and I think you will get some relief. You need VAG or high end scanner to figure it out anyway. I'm having the same problem on mine.

The dealer says to bring it in for a diagnosis, and that they've seen a "handful" of Passats with this problem and it has always been the heater core.

Jeep liberty only heating on one side! No heat in your jeep liberty possible repair!!

Did you ever get it fixed? I'm also having the exact same issue. Seems like a blend door issue as I'm still getting heat from one side. Any ideas?Hello all, new to BMW, and the forum. I searched for this issue first, but didn't really find much.

My heater worked fine last winter, but this year I'm getting warm air Not warm enough from the passenger side vents and cold air from the driver side vents. Heat turned up all the way, all knobs set to the red zone, etc. Blower works fine, air conditioning ice cold in all zones, just not much warm air. Of course I'm 3 months past the warranty, lol.

I've read a few things about clogged heater cores, but wouldn't that effect both sides? Thanks for any ideas! It does not have to affect both sides. If the heater core is partially clogged then heat will only be transferred in the unclogged areas. This results in a normal laminar flow of air, but some of which is warm and some of which is cold.

The laminar flow then has to turn several corners before being emitted into the cabin. The cold air, being heavier, goes to the outside of each turn and consequently tends to stay separate from the cooler air. Whichever vents are on the 'outside' of a turn will get the cool air, the ones on the 'inside' will get the warmer air.

What is your engine temperature?

No Heat On Passenger Side

How long have you owned the car? Did you have ANY work done between last winter and now? Thanks for the quick reply. The only work I had done was the recall for the battery connection. I looked to see if anything may have been disconnected during that repair, but everything seems to be connected. I bought the car a little over a year ago with miles on it; It now has I have not verified the engine operating temperature. I just read some information on another group about changing the heater core.

Wow, what a job that will be if it is clogged! It is possible that you need to 'relearn' your HVAC system. Sometimes disconnecting the battery will cause the control head to lose track of where doors need to be to properly control temperature. The doors are moved by stepper motors which after factory installation 'learn' how much movement one pulse-or a hundred pulses- of command signal will move the door.

Losing power kills the memory and it goes dumb. I know that sounds ridiculous but anyone who has ever had their windows or sunroof partially open when changing the battery will tell you what can happen. I'll check in the morning. A relearn should be an easy procedure if required.

Edit: FYI I have never in 36 years changed a heater core due to clogging. I've had many hundreds which were clogged, but cleaned every single one of them out with the appropriate agent and proper reverse scouring with the judicious application of air and water. We can discuss that later if need be. I have never in 36 years changed a heater core due to clogging. You acid cleaned, reverse flushed; air bumped? The first step is to try and identify what is clogging the heater core, the second is to know what the heater is made of.Original Poster.

Tame Technician. Search My Stuff What's New 3 12 24 Audi A4 heater blowing cold on one side!?!?!? Prev of 2 2 Next. JeffC Original Poster 1, posts months. I had this on my last A4 - a Cabriolet. It lasted a couple of days, and fixed itself. I got it checked out at the dealer, and no-fault-found. Dr G 13, posts months. Flat motors could be out - had that one a few times on B7 A4s but unsure what the fix was as repairs were done under Audi warranty was a quick job though IIRC.

Tame Technician 2, posts months. As above will be a flap motor. Need to know which one, replace it and carry out basic setting on all of them. Ive had a problem in the past where the vents were stuck blowing down, i stripped out the glove box and lubed up a mechanism in the passenger footwell that was stuck, is this similar?

Edited by JeffC on Tuesday 27th October There are two or three each side, obviously the one that is sticking now is drivers side, to get to it, you would need to remove the trim much as you would the glove box on the other side. Is usually a motor failure and need replacement, but they do somtime stick, a good shape hit with a ratchet can help.

If you keep working the heater controls you should be able to see which one isnt moving. But I'd read the fault memory and then unplug if and re read the fault memory to be sure.

I stripped out the drivers side to find a blue connector and a yellow linkage with no motor! I thought I'd have a go myself but need some sort of diagram where the things are at least. Anyone any ideas. Waugh-terfall 18, posts months. Our A6 does this every now and again, except it'll be the furthest passenger side vent blowing as hot as it can for a while, and then it'll sort itself out Sorry to crash in on this but I have a slightly similar but different issue.

I have an A4 2.

Update on right side heat problem R1200GS WC

The engine temperature remains at a steady 90 and does not fluctuate. When it has reached this temperature you would expect that if for example i set the temperature of climate control to 28degrees I would expect pure heat.

Only lukewarm air. It gets a bit better on the motorway but still no way near that temperature as i should expect to be sweating.

bmw no heat passenger side

All the vents seem to work fine so theres no blockage of air coming through. Any ideas? Do a search for Seat exeo heater actuator on here or Google, I traced my fault to the drivers side footwell temperature sensor, it was reading 90oF all the time so therefore climate control continually tried to cool, To test; Make sure car is up to temperature. Direct both sides to blow hot Air, 28oF, not Hi setting into the footwells, If drivers side is cold and passengers side hot then I would put my bottom dollar on its the same fault.

If you don't have the software to read controller 8 you can swap the footwell sensors over and redo test, if problem moves then it's the sensor. To gain access, pull radio forward, pull out climate controller, both sensors are visible, remove connection, rotate 90o and remove.

Iva same issue as OP on an 06 tdi ive just bought,it vagcom scanned with v blocked or no voltage and right flap actuater gDont know where its located but I have put many on other vehicles with the same issue.

Michael answered 6 years ago. It should be located in the control panel. Just look for the small vented square area, Dust can accumulate and cause the sensor to malfunction.

If cleaning it from the exterior does not yield successful results, you may need to remove the panel and clean it from behind.

Hector answered 6 years ago. Both answers can be correct but it can be also that you need to refill the ac system' or you have a leak. You need to check with an ac tech. I wasnt caling you out. I dont have a problem with your answer I do however have a problem with most of judge roys more than once he has giving flase information that is non debateable on how it works and in this case his answer is no help once again since it does not even use vacuum to control the actuators.

I'm am also here to help and get frustrated when the wrong information is be givin out. John answered 6 years ago. Most likely it is either the cabin temp sensor as one person suggested or a blend door actuator is the possibility this the old silly water pump there is a diverter that diverts water too the passenger side coil if you have dual heating coils which were on nin export models.

LisaM7 answered 5 years ago. Can I ask a follow up question? I have a i and recently it seems the climate control doesn' moderate the temp. I tried adjusting up the temp and down the fan, but i think the car is not reading the actual temp in the cabin.

What to do? Donna answered about a year ago. I have a bmw 32is car was sitting for a year airconitioner blowing hot air what do you think is wrong.

Hi, my bmw e I have lukewarm air coming out of the passenger side and cold aair from the drivers side, I have fitted a new thermostat, water pump and bled it 3 times All vents are blowing warm air with ac on While I was on road, this guys was yelling and trying to pull me over because my front passenger side wheel was wobbling bad. Content submitted by Users is not endorsed by CarGurus, does not express the opinions of CarGurus, and should not be considered reviewed, screened, or approved by CarGurus.

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Related Models For Sale.Remember Me? Ok, I just want to say that I have researched this topic extensively but I still have some questions. Problem: Regardless of heat setting the passenger side blows cool air. Defrost, vent and footwell. It is distributing the air properly, but always cool so, I have eliminated FSR.

I also performed the electric water pump bleed procedure and was able to get some air out of the lines. However, I can't find this piece under the hood or online as a part to purchase. I have taken off intake and there is a piece with three hoses going to it but not a "electric harness. I am starting to think that this piece is electronic now or is on the other side of the firewall. Since I can't find it I have not been able to test if this is the problem. Thermostat: I have read that these cars have electronic thermostat, which I can't find for the life of me!?!?

Also,if it was thermostat wouldn't I always get heat on the passenger side?? Heater Core: No smell of anti-freeze, no wetness in passenger footwell, or misty windows. So here are my "uneducated guesses" Like I said if I push the air goes to vent etc I kind of doubt thermostat as it is only blowing cool air. Heater Core: can it go half bad? Or half clogged?? Appreciate 1. Appreciate 0. Still need help. Warmed up car. So does that mean thermostat stuck?? Could it still be heater core?

Originally Posted by Bartman Brought it to a Indy to look at and he said it something electrically and it could take several hours to diagnose it I have a cherry red four door focus loaner Have you found out the problem? Mine has the same thing and also tried almost everything.

Now winter is coming and really hoping to solve this. I have a thread going on this, too. You describe a very similar set of symptoms.


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